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Youth Fellowship

Youth Fellwoship at Great Vic has been active for the last few years. We welcome any 14 to 18 year old young person on Sunday evenings to join and have fun, understand God more and learn what life looks like when we live and serve Him. This term we will be starting later after the evening service at 8.45pm in the youth room and we will be looking at the scriptures to draw out vital promises and commands given to us from our Heavenly Father. The leaders of YF have a passion for young people in Belfast, and seek to share with them not only God's Good News but their own lives too (1 Thessalonians 2:8).

As a church we are blessed to have young people who are interested in the gospel and church life. Our prayer would be that all would feel welcome through the doors of Great Vic and Youth Fellowship.

We at YF also welcome anyone who is older that 18 with a passion for youthministry to join us on our team in journeying with young people, helping them understand the Scriptures and showing then love. If you are interested in joining the team, contact Heather Manley for more information.

Youth Ministries at Great Vic