Eldership Team

Our Basis of Doctrine

The  Basis of Doctrine we adhere to at Gt. Vic is as follows:-

 The verbal inspiration, and the all and sole-sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures of the Old and new Testaments as originally given

The Trinity in Unity of the Godhead

The essential Deity and perfect humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ

The personality of the Holy Spirit

The depraved and fallen state of man

The substitutionary sacrifice our Lord Jesus Christ

The justification of the sinner, through faith in the Lord Jesus

The personality of the devil

The natural immortality of the soul

The second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ

The resurrection of the body

The eternal security of the believer

The conscious eternal punishment of those who die impenitent

The binding character of the ordinances of the Lord's Supper and immersion of believers as the only Christian Baptism

The responsibility of all saved souls to live soberly, righteously and godly in this present age.



Great Victoria Street Baptist Church Mission Statement and Vision

We exist to glorify God by enjoying and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ”

What is the gospel of Jesus Christ? - It is the good news announcement that God is redeeming his world from the decay of sin and death through the in-breaking of his kingdom in the person and work of Jesus Christ. This message announces that God by means of his free grace has provided a way for us as sinful people to be saved from our sins. We are saved by faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross and not by our own efforts or works. Enjoying a personal relationship with God is the goal of the gospel.

As a local church in the city centre of Belfast we exist to enjoy and proclaim the fullness of the gospel to our city and the world. The following three defining values give shape to this mission:

1. Glorifying the God of the gospel – We exist as the people of God to proclaim to our city and to the world the greatness and glory of the God of the gospel. God exists and he is glorious, his glory is most clearly revealed in the gospel of his grace. This grace not only saves us but transforms us from living for ourselves to living for God’s glorious purpose for our lives. It is our passion at Great Vic that empowered by the Holy Spirit we would live for his glory and make much of him in all we do.

2. Growing in our understanding and enjoyment of the gospel – Christian discipleship is primarily the journey of growing in our understanding and appreciation of everything Jesus has accomplished and gained for us by his death and resurrection. Understanding the gospel and how it impacts every area of our lives is the primary means of growth for the Christian. At Great Vic we share a conviction that the message of the gospel is not just a message for unbelievers but for believers. It is our passion that with the help of the Holy Spirit we would preach the gospel to ourselves daily and thus live in its life giving power day by day.

3. Going into our city and the world with the gospel – The gospel is a good news message to be announced! Sin cuts us off from a relationship with the only one who will truly satisfy our deepest longings. God has given Jesus to the world so that whoever believes in Him will know reconciliation with God and all the joy and peace this entails. Jesus commissioned his people to go into the entire world and to proclaim the good news of the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ. Specifically he calls his people to go and make disciples of all nations. We love the gospel that has transformed our lives and we long to see others knowing peace and joy with God through Jesus Christ. With the help of the Holy Spirit and compelled by the love of Christ, we seek to go to our city and to the world to make disciples for the glory of God.


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