Who We Are

At Great Vic we are so thankful for the way that all members of the church contribute to the life of the church family, using their God-given gifts, and the time, energy and resources he gives them, all for his glory. So much of what goes on just couldn’t happen without the commitment of so many members. Below are just some of those members of our church who have formal responsibilities as well, so you can get to know them a bit better.

Get to know the staff and leadership at Great Vic.


Pastor - Steve Auld

Steve Auld


Steve has been serving as the pastor of Great Vic since May 2017. He’s married to Lynsey and has three young kids. Steve and Lynsey served in Madagascar for two years before moving to Chicago, Illinois to study for his Master of Divinity degree. He also earned a Master of Theology from Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Before coming to Great Vic, Steve served as assistant pastor at Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge.

Simon Farewell

Assistant Pastor

Simon Farewell has been serving as the assistant pastor of Great Vic since June 2021. He is married to Heather and they have two young daughters. Simon was born in Canada but, from the age of 5, lived in Cambridge, England. He taught French and Spanish for 5 years before going to Oak Hill College in London to study for his BA in Theology.

Assistant Pastor - Simon Farewell
Elder - Jimmy Davison

Jimmy Davison


Jimmy is married to Violet and together they have two grown up children and two grandchildren. He has been a member of Great Vic for over 54 years. His interests are Church History and football. Jimmy attended the Irish Baptist College and would go on to lecture in Church History at both the Irish Baptist College and Belfast Bible College.

Clifford Manley


Clifford has attended Great Vic since he was a child and became a Christian since his teens. Clifford is a retired Physics teacher and interests include art, music, sport, and books.

Elder - Clifford Manley


Joanne Adair


Joanne has attended Great Vic since childhood. She has variously served in the music group, International Student Ministry with Friends International and children’s work. Her interests include travel, history and detective novels. Joanne also serves the congregation as the Church Administrator. You can reach her at administrator@gtvicbaptist.com.

Rachel Graham


Rachel has been a member at Great Vic since 2020. She is married to Jonathan and they have three grown up children. Rachel worked as a small animal vet till March 2022, and is now involved in refugee ministry. She also serves on the Missionary committee at Great Vic. Rachel enjoys walking, swimming and travelling!

Jonathan Graham


Robert Patterson


Robert serves our church as the Facilities Manager and Church Treasurer.